Xiaomi accidentally publishes first screenshots

Has Xiaomi possibly slipped some information about MIUI 12? Some screenshots could give an idea of ​​what the settings menu of the new user interface will look like.

In September of last year, Xiaomi presented the final version of its in-house MIUI 11 user interface in order to stop development at the end of last month.

The release of the final developer beta for MIUI 11 and the appearance of a MIUI 12 developer beta suggested that Xiaomi is already diligently concentrating on working on the new MIUI 12. This assumption could now be confirmed, according to screenshots that were published in the developer community XDA Developers.

Screenshots probably show the MIUI 12 settings menu

Xiaomi has not yet officially confirmed the MIUI 12 rumors – the screenshots that a junior member of XDA found in an APK (installation file) for the MI settings menu, however, speak a fairly clear language: These obviously show some sections of the settings menu from MIUI 12

Now you may be wondering how a member of the XDA Developers can get a MIUI APK with this information. Very simple: For developers or interested parties who have registered as MIUI testers, Xiaomi regularly uploads beta versions of various system apps to the MIUI community forum. A few days ago, for example, that was the APK for the MI settings.

Does MIUI 12 come with design improvements?

When reviewing the file, the XDA junior member noticed that the Settings app contains some menus, graphics, and setting options that are fundamentally different from MIUI 11.

There are therefore some changes in the design of the new user interface. In the future, the screen update rate will obviously be able to be set using graphical controls and no longer via a list menu. The focus mode, which is intended to remind the user to take a break from the phone, has an additional tab.

New chart style for display usage times

According to the screenshots, the display for daily display usage is presented in a new diagram style and the list of usage times for individual apps will also become clearer in the future.

The fact that the APK is not yet a finished version can be recognized by XDA Developers from the areas that are still grayed out, which appear in dark spots in some places, such as the color calibration option for the screen.

Xiaomi has obviously noticed the error

We can therefore assume that the MIUI developers will make further changes to the look and functionality of the settings menu before the settings APK is incorporated into the final MIUI 12-ROM.

Xiaomi seems to have noticed that the screenshots of the new, unfinished setting options were inadvertently published when the system app was released and allegedly removed them in the latest beta version of the MI Settings APK.

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