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We show you how to write your marketing texts according to the “SOAP formula” and thus increase the conversion rate of your content.

By Deliana Czech-Toschmakov, managing director of the content marketing agency textbest

You write a marketing text and everything sounds kind of clumsy? Whether newsletter or landing page, almost every editor is desperate at the conception and formulation of marketing texts.
The list of sales arguments, persuasion techniques or clickbaiting work, if at all, only to a limited extent. Because the reader is smart and has seen hundreds of websites written according to these patterns.

Do you want to write unique marketing texts that are neither clumsy nor manipulative and convert well?

You will learn this in our online seminar “Must be clickbaiting? Write without good marketing texts!

Our expert guides you along the SOAP formula, an instrument from the dramaturgy and gives practical tips for writing accurate marketing texts.

In future, you will use them to arouse emotions in texts, address the needs of the reader through storytelling and offer solutions to their problems.

Like Denver Clan and Grey’s Anatomy

We use knowledge from sitcoms and soap operas to write exciting marketing texts. How the SOAP formula works:

  • Get your attention: send the reader straight into the conflict situation and start the text directly in his inner chaos.
  • Reveal the unsolvable problem: Describe the question that has bothered the reader for so long, his conflict. There is a conflict if there is an undesirable initial state and a desired final state and a barrier between the two.
  • Everything gets worse: The protagonist fights against the antagonistic force and tries to solve the conflict. With his attempts to solve it, he makes everything worse. He is getting more and more involved in the conflict.
  • Reposition the world view: the universe is balanced again. Because even the biggest problems and oldest fears can be overcome – and our text brings the solution and thus the satisfactory end of this episode!
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