Update brings pro mode and single take from the Galaxy S20

This is how powerful the camera of the Galaxy A51 can be: Samsung is currently rolling out an update that brings many features of its current top smartphone to the middle class. Also included is the Pro mode for the camera app and practical modes such as Single Take.

With the current update, Pro mode comes completely on the Galaxy A51, reports SamMobile. At least for photos – Pro mode for videos is not in the update. So far, this mode was available on top models such as the Galaxy S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra and their predecessors. With this, Samsung underlines its claim to upgrade the middle class with great functions. In future, you can also take over all important photo settings yourself on the cheaper phone and set shutter speed or ISO, for example.

Singe Take: A tip for diversity

Another exciting feature that comes with the update is the “Singe Take”. If the mode is activated, the camera of the Galaxy A51 records photos and videos at the same time. So you have a tap next to various short videos such as a bokeh photo, pictures with different filters, panoramic shots and individual sections. The cell phone selects which moments could have been successful in the recording period and provides you with the best of them. A short video at the end of the next paragraph shows you how this works in detail.

Since the innovations are limited to photos, you also have to do without a few features of the Galaxy S20 with the Galaxy A51. These include “Hyperlapse” (time-lapse videos) and “My Filters”. But it is quite possible that these functions will at least still reach the Galaxy A71 via update.

Update also for Galaxy A71

The new firmware for the Galaxy A51 has the identification number “A515FXXU3BTF4” and should soon be available on your device. If you have not yet received an availability notification, you can also look it up manually. To do this, open the “Software Update” area in the settings of your smartphone. You may see the new version earlier.

In addition to the Galaxy A51, the Galaxy A71 should also receive this update. The Galaxy A71 also includes an update to the One UI 2.1 user interface. Features such as “Quick Share” and “Music Share” also come on this mid-range smartphone. Samsung already made this software available for the A51 in mid-May 2020. If you are still thinking about buying the A51, our review may help you decide.

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