Unlimited Google Photos Comes To An End, Now Counts Towards 15 GB

One of the significant advantages of Google and its services is the way they manage user space. The search giant allows images and videos to be stored without space limit, as long as some rules are followed.

Now, and in an irrevocable announced decision, this one-time offer will disappear. Google has changed the rules, and unlimited storage in Photos given will be removed and will now have to be respected the limits of each account.

Google changed the storage rules.

This is a novelty that will not please Google Photos users. Since it was introduced five years ago, this service has been serving users on their smartphones to save the photos captured at any time.

More than a repository, this service is also where these images can be viewed and managed. Its great advantage is even the unlimited space it offers, as long as the pictures are with the standard quality of this service.

Google Photos now has new rules.

Google now changes the rules, and from June 1, 2021, all space occupied will count for the 15 GB (account base) storage. This means that new images, regardless of their quality, now occupy their space.

Since not everything is bad news, the images uploaded before maintain their status and do not count towards the volume of space occupied. Justifying this decision is the idea that few users use more than the area offered by Google in Photos.

Unlimited storage is over for everyone.

To help manage this space, Google displays a page where users can control this value. In addition to the space occupied, there is also an estimate about the coming months and the occupation that will be made.

This is less positive news for Google Photos users. Accustomed to not worrying about this management, they now have to be careful about being sent and occupy virtual space.

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