This well-known camera feature comes with MIUI 12

Xiaomi is optimizing the camera with the update to MIUI 12: The new software is already available for a few smartphones – but apparently the company still has some aces up its sleeve. A current beta version provides information on camera features that you may already know from Google or Huawei.

In the MIUI 12 camera app, there are traces in the code that indicate a mode with long exposure, reports XDA Developers. The code snippets already provide information on what the mode can be used for. For example, owners of corresponding smartphones are able to record moving crowds, cars, stars and other subjects in such a way that they merge into strips of light (also known as “light painting”).

Already live for the Redmi K30 Pro

In a MIUI-12 beta for the Redmi K30 Pro, the light painting mode should already be available. As a user from Poland reports, the above scenarios appear as suggestions in the camera app. The feature will probably also be available for other Xiaomi smartphones in the near future.

So far, however, it is unclear whether the devices have to meet certain hardware requirements. The upcoming camera feature from Xiaomi is already available from the competition in a similar form. Huawei has been offering a light painting mode since the Huawei P8 – so since 2015.

In addition, the code of the MIUI-12 camera app contains references to an astrophotography option. This also seems familiar to us: we already know the feature from Google Pixel 4.

MIUI 12 is coming

The company has proven that Xiaomi understands smartphone photography with the Mi 10 Pro at the latest. Not only professional testers are particularly enthusiastic about the night shots. The new MIUI 12 mode is a perfect addition for this.

In Germany at the beginning of July 2020 there was the first message that the update to MIUI 12 for the first smartphones was being rolled out. The first wave includes the Xiaomi Mi 9 and the Mi 9T. After the official presentation, we have put together an overview of the other functions and improvements that the update brings to your device.

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