This model will make your bank advisor cry

Do you know that You buy the latest Apple smartphone every year, but even the iPhone 12 Pro is likely to become so cheap that it will tire you? Then there is good news: luxury manufacturer Caviar has “done it” again. In October you can expect a smartphone that is probably only intended for very special people.

Even before the official presentation of the new Apple cell phones, Caviar presented the iPhone 12 Pro Victory Pure Gold – which is unlikely to be a price-performance winner. As the manufacturer has done with iOS smartphones in recent years, he also wants to completely wrap the next iPhone model in a gold case. If the last maintenance of your Ferrari turned out to be cheaper than expected, you just have to hit this bargain: the mobile phone costs just under 20,000 euros.

More storage for little change

If you want more space on the internal memory and in your personal wallet, you can also choose the 512 GB model. With a price of the equivalent of 20,340 euros, Caviar only demands a little more of your change. Bonus for bargain hunters: Shipping is free in any case.

But you also get a lot for your money: There are, for example, the Russian ornaments on the back, which set a sign apart from any design trends. In addition, eight shiny diamonds are incorporated into the case. At the latest that should make a powerful impression on the golf course and with your friends in the yacht club.

Of course, you also exude a lot of individuality with the Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Victory Pure Gold: Many people drive a car for 20,000 euros – but how many have a chic, sparkling gold mobile phone for the same value instead?

When the iPhone 12 Pro Victory Pure Gold breaks your account

Admittedly, maybe not everyone can (or does not want to) afford a luxury iPhone. If your bank advisor calls with a breath after ordering and needs medical help shortly afterwards, this would be an indication in this direction.

But no problem: you can also just be reasonable and use an ordinary iPhone 12 Pro. Apple is expected to launch the new models in September – and without gold and diamond refinement, they should be significantly cheaper than the Caviar model.

By the way: for caviar conditions, the luxury iPhone is actually still cheap. The manufacturer even offered the iPhone 11 for just under 82,000 euros. In case you are still wondering where the company already got a picture of the iPhone 12 Pro from: Caviar usually creates the first mockups based on leaks.

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