These German domains were able to grow after the lockdown ended

Searchmetrics has analyzed who the Google pandemic winners are for corona topics such as travel, hygiene products, work or economic stimulus packages. The keyword “reopening” is also interesting; under the keyword, googling online after offline trading.

Searchmetrics has analyzed the Google winners of the pandemic for corona issues, including travel, information, hygiene products, work, stimulus packages or reopening. For the ranking analysis, the top 10 organic desktop results in were evaluated and counted how often a domain could rank on the first search results page for the corresponding keyword set. The data was collected on June 14, 2020.

The main results:

  • Underdogs overtake large ones Publisher with Corona Specials: comes in 2nd place with around six percent of all organic ranking positions on the first search results page for the keyword set for Corona information.
  • Travel portals Lose: The pandemic caused a flood of cancellations – and tour operators and travel agents have not necessarily earned the best reputation in recent weeks. While Tui dropped from 5th to 9th place, Holidaycheck dropped completely from the top 10 most represented websites on the first Google search results page for the keyword set Travel.
  • Google trusts Official organization websites: When it comes to sensitive issues such as money and work in the Corona era, Google trusts most of all the official websites, especially the employment agency and the Ministry of Labor. Unsurprisingly, Google also relies on its own subsidiary YouTube – and shows more YouTube videos on topics such as short-time work benefits, unemployment reports and duties of employees in the home office.
  • Hygiene products: Most top 10 rankings for keywords related to hygiene and corona can also be achieved here on YouTube – because apparently many people google for instructions on how to make masks or disinfectants themselves.

Keyword “reopening”

After months of closure, shops, bars, restaurants and cinemas were allowed to reopen. This created a high level of search interest for the opening times, offers and regulations for offline trading and activities.

The city’s portals and achieve many top 10 rankings for search queries related to the reopening; as well as public service (state) channels, such as the RBB, NDR, SWR and also the Tagesschau and ZDF. And as one of the few private publishers, also ends up in the top 10 domains with the most rankings for search queries related to the reopening after the corona lockdown.

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