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Huawei is currently not only struggling with the corona pandemic, but is also a game ball in the trade dispute between China and the United States. That is why some smartphones are being relaunched with a few improvements. Difficult: The differences blur, the selection becomes more difficult. We show what differentiates Huawei P smart and Huawei P30 lite.

Despite Corona and the trade dispute, Huawei is still very broad when it comes to the range of smartphones. For most interested parties, the whole thing has become very confusing. With the flagships of the P series or the Huawei Mate smartphones, the differences are at least slightly more elaborated, with the entry-level and mid-range phones they are becoming increasingly blurred.

This is also because Huawei keeps relaunching existing cell phones with small updates to keep the Google Play services. The question of what differentiates Huawei P smart and Huawei P30 lite is not so easy to answer at first glance, because it goes into great detail here.

The middle class of the same?

The original Huawei P smart started in 2018 and the “P” in the name should probably evoke associations with the high-quality P series. But the smartphone had little to do with the high-end, it was a very interesting cell phone with an introductory price of 259 euros, i.e. lower middle class.

Last year there was an update, the Huawei P smart (2019), which implemented the same idea a bit better. There is still no Huawei P smart (2020), although leaks keep cropping up. In mid-2019, the Huawei P smart Z with an extendable camera came onto the market and in 2020 Huawei polished it up again under the name P smart Pro. This model is largely derived from the Honor 9X. You see, there is a lot of mess in the Huawei middle class.

Twice Huawei P30 lite

Huawei plays the same game with the P30 lite: there is the original P30 lite from 2019 and then the P30 lite New Edition, which was reissued in 2020. The Huawei P30 lite New Edition contains a small hardware update for the front camera, which now has a resolution of 32 MP.

In addition, the New Edition now has 6 GB of RAM instead of 4 and the internal memory has also doubled. Instead of 128 GB in the Huawei P30 lite, there are 256 GB in the P30 lite New Edition. It is crucial, however, that the P30 lite New Edition also includes all Google services.

Huawei P smart Pro vs. P30 lite New Edition

The Huawei P smart Pro is officially in the price list with 279.99 euros, the P30 lite with 256.99 euros and the P30 lite New Edition with 329.99 euros. A comparison makes sense here, because the cell phones are at about the same level. The Huawei P smart Z would be a price tip, because according to the UVP it is now stable below 200 euros, street prices even tend towards 160 euros.

Housing and display

P smart Pro and Huawei P30 lite show that you can get chic and well-made mobile phones from Huawei in the range of 250 to 300 euros, which can keep up with top sellers like the Galaxy A50 or the Redmi Note 8 Pro. There is a lot of display on the front, whereby the P30 lite and P30 lite New Edition have a small notch, but the Huawei P Smart Pro does not.

With the P smart, the front camera moves out of the top of the housing, Huawei saves the installation behind the display. This looks very chic because you can use the screen in the full rectangle.

However, the P smart Pro is the larger and heavier device (over 200 grams), it also comes with the larger display of 6.59 inches compared to the more compact 6.15 inches in the P30 lite. Both models use LCD technology and Full HD Plus resolution. The housings are not protected against splashing water and dust. Unfortunately, missing IP certifications are typically middle class.

Many similarities under the hood

Huawei P smart Pro and P30 lite work with an eight-core base, they use a Kirin 710F and 710 with the same clock rate, but which is getting a bit long in the meantime. There is 6 GB of RAM, only 4 GB in the older P30 lite.

The performance is okay, although hardcore cell phone gamers are not happy here. But you get through everyday life fluently and without restrictions. Huawei jumps 128 GB of internal memory with the P smart Pro and the P30 lite, the New Edition even has 256 GB. This could be an argument for photo and video fans who need a lot of memory. In all models, the memory can be expanded via a memory card.

Huawei P smart vs. P30 lite (NE): The camera comparison

The triple camera is the same for all three models, in addition to the 48 MP main camera with f / 1.8 aperture there are 8 MP ultra wide angles and a 2 MP auxiliary camera for blurring effects. The camera takes strong photos, especially in good lighting conditions, but it cannot keep up with the high-end cameras in the top models such as the P30 Pro or P40 Pro.

You notice that at the latest at dusk. The AI ​​tricks don’t help either. Videos record all three models with Full HD resolution, which is fine too, but does not tear anyone off their feet. The front camera is better with the P30 lite and especially with the lite New Edition, with the extension effect being an eye-catcher with the P Smart Pro.

The differences in detail

The operating system with which all devices are delivered is the same with all cell phones with EMUI 9.1 and unfortunately outdated in comparison with the competition – however, there are now EMUI 10s based on Android 10 for all three smartphones Install setup first.

The most powerful battery is in the P smart Pro, which is also necessary because of the larger display. Dual-SIM is mastered by all three models, there are hardly any differences when it comes to connectivity: the mobile phones do not give each other much when it comes to WiFi, the P Smart Pro with version 4.2 lags behind with Bluetooth, the P30 lite is more up-to-date here.

All three models have a USB Type-C charging port built in, and there are still classic headphone jacks. The fingerprint sensor on the Huawei P Smart Pro sits on the power button on the side, on the P30 lite it is installed on the back. Why there is no NFC chip in the P smart Pro is not understandable, so Google Pay, for example, is left out.

Huawei P smart vs. P30 lite: New Edition wins in photo finish

Huawei P smart Pro and Huawei P30 lite are both good smartphones for a similar price. Both are well made, offer good cameras, look chic and, thanks to the licensing, come before the Android ban with Google services. The large display without notch is a real eye-catcher with the P smart Pro, as is the extending front camera.

However, you should consider: Both smartphones are not on the move with brand new technology. The base is getting a bit old, the software updates are a bit behind – even if there are still some – and the P smart Pro lacks the NFC chip. We see the P30 lite New Edition in a direct comparison at the front. Anyone looking for a cheap smartphone that is sufficient for everyday use is well served.

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