The update will bring these features from June 2020 with

Dark Mode 2.0, new animations, new gestures and much more: With the update to MIUI 12, numerous features have found their way into your Xiaomi smartphone. The company has officially released the details of the update – and announced a rough schedule for the update.

The main feature of MIUI 12 is the so-called Dark Mode 2.0. With this mode you can dim the lighting of the wallpaper on your Xiaomi device. If desired, the Android user interface can also automatically adjust the lighting to the respective time. As assumed in advance, Dark Mode 2.0 can also change the fonts used. This is intended to improve legibility in poor lighting conditions.

MIUI 12 with visual innovations

The so-called “Sensory Visual Design” is also practical and clear in MIUI 12. After the update, you can use it to display all information about the system in graphics – for example, the usage times and duration, battery status and memory usage.

Other innovations are the “Super Wallpapers”, which show you 3D models of Mars and Earth as a background image. In the dark mode of MIUI 12, the wallpapers show the planets in the dark. There are also numerous new animations, for example for real-time weather changes, the app icons and the opening and closing of applications.

Timetable for the update

MIUI 12 also brings new gestures to Xiaomi Mi 10 and Co. For example, you can swipe down when a notification is given to respond directly. You don’t have to leave the app that is currently open. Other innovations include improved privacy and AI calls. You can have a digital assistant answer calls after the update.

The update should arrive on the first smartphones from the end of June 2020. These include the devices of the Xiaomi Mi 10 series, the Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro, the Xiaomi Redmi K20 and K30 and their pro offshoots. In the second wave, MIUI 12 will then receive: the Mi Mix 3, the Mi-8 series and the Redmi Note 8 Pro and 7 (Pro). The third wave includes the Mi Mix 2, Redmi 8 (A) and Redmi 7 (A) as well as Mi CC9 (Pro) and CC9e.

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