The new Apple smartphone?

As soon as the new iPhone SE (2020) is official, it continues with new speculations about the upcoming iPhone 12. A new concept video is circulating on the web, which should not only reveal the new design, but also take up the rumors about a few new functions .

After we last reported that the new iPhone could take over design elements from the iPhone 5 and iPad Pro, there is now a video in which the Pro version of the iPhone 12 should be shown.

The creators of the concept illustrations seem to be certain that Apple will continue the path of the iPhone 11 and that the eye-catching camera design will remain on the back – but now arranged symmetrically and equipped with four lenses and an additional sensor. The video says: “Fantastic Five” and under the LED flash in the middle you can see a small recess in which, for example, a time-of-flight sensor could be located.

New Apple patent indicates reverse wireless charging

Accordingly, it should also be notch-free on the front, and the front camera should even be under the display. The screen should be a Pro Retina XDR – this refers to Apple’s Pro Display XDR: a desktop screen that resolves with 6k.

We also have discovered a patent, which provides information on reverse wireless charging. This should not only be the case with the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and MacBook could also support the function in the future. Then all you have to do is put your devices on your MacBook – and they will be supplied with energy. Or the other way around, which, however, makes little sense in terms of battery capacity.

This function was already in the room for the iPhone 11 – but Apple didn’t introduce it. The new patent is also not to be seen as official confirmation. It may well be that it turns out quite differently.

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