The first MacBook Air with Apple Silicon M1 chip is official

Rumors had been coming to the fore that Apple had been working for some time on designing a homemade chip to power its computers. A first model has been made official. It is a MacBook Air.

The day has finally arrived, Apple unveiled last night during an event dedicated to its first machines equipped with an Apple Silicon chip. The first model equipped with such a processor turns out to be a MacBook Air, with an M1 chip, the official name of this Apple Silicon processor, designed and designed in-house by the engineers of the Cupertino firm. So what does this new 13-inch MacBook Air M1 have to offer? Presentation.

The 13-inch MacBook Air M1 is official.

At first glance, this 13-inch MacBook Air looks like its counterpart with an Intel chip. That being said, it seems that Apple has stopped selling Intel models in the wake of the process. So you won’t have to worry about getting it wrong and checking thirty-six times that it’s the right model in your cart. Apple says this MacBook Air M1 carries a CPU with eight cores and eight additional cores for the GPU. This would allow it to be 3.5 times faster than its predecessor in terms of processor speed and five times quicker regarding the GPU’s speed.

Great promises in terms of performance

As expected, when you consider that the M1 chip is based on the A-series chip found in iPhones, Apple claims that this M1 chip also offers the best in terms of signal processing, which will further significantly boost the capabilities of the embedded webcam. This should hopefully provide users with much better image quality than what is currently on offer. Note that the resolution remains blocked at 720p, but the rate should be much higher.

With this SoC M1, this computer is devoid of the fan, and according to the brand’s statements to apple, one should expect a maximum of 18 hours of battery life in video playback. This new MacBook Air is now sold for pre-order, starting at $1,129, the same price as its predecessor. The first deliveries are expected between November 18 and 19.

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