The day has come to an end!

Sleep a few more times and the time has come: The Google Pixel 4a is about to be unveiled. The search engine giant will shortly introduce us to the mid-range smartphone in great detail.

If you are looking for a cheap smartphone with a good camera, you should mark the 3rd of August in red on your calendar. On this day, the unveiling of the Google Pixel 4a takes place. And as you probably know, the predecessor inspired the launch with an incredible camera for the middle class. Google has indirectly confirmed via its online shop that the presentation of the Pixel 4 offshoot is only a few days away.

The smartphone we’ve all been waiting for …

… will celebrate its premiere on this day, according to an official website for Google Pixel 4a. At least if you solve the puzzle there. Only then does August 3 appear as the launch date. The manufacturer does not explicitly name the Google Pixel 4a. But there is no doubt that this device is meant.

In addition, the page contains a Latin-looking text, which however consists of fantasy words. Some of these could indicate features of the Google Pixel 4. “Lowlightena capturum” for example on the low-light performance of the camera and “blurtutate bokehus” on the bokeh effect generated by software. “Longlastingis batterum” in turn speaks for a good battery life.

Google Pixel 4a: what can we expect?

A long-lasting battery would be a pleasant surprise. After all, the predecessor didn’t exactly cut down trees in this regard. But all eyes will be on the camera. With the Pixel 3a, the manufacturer has done such a good job that we expect a photo quality that is second to none in the middle class. Especially the comparison to the iPhone SE should be interesting.

We are also excited to see whether the Google Pixel 4a actually looks like the previous leaks. The first render images appeared at the end of last year. They indicate that Google is using a punch-hole display for the first time. Such is also in a putative prototype, of which a video is circulating.

That would mean that the display edge is a lot narrower than that of the probably much more expensive standard model. To do this, you would probably have to do without the solo radar from the pixel. You will soon find out whether this is actually the case with us.

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