The 18 W charger from Apple lädt · ⊃ charges so quickly

Do you want to charge your iPhone SE (2020) quickly? Then maybe you shouldn’t use the included charger, but treat yourself to an upgrade. Apple’s 18-watt charger shortens the charging time considerably.

But is the Apple quick charger with 18 watts really worth it? To assess the charging performance, PhoneArena has carried out a comparison test. Especially if you only connect your iPhone SE (2020) to the socket for a short period of time, the advantage becomes apparent: In 15 minutes, for example, Apple’s quick charger manages to return almost 30 percent of its capacity to the battery. The included 5-watt charger only gets 14 percent in the test, almost half.

Half an hour faster

The big differences between the chargers are particularly evident in charging times of up to one hour. The quick charger manages 55 percent in 30 minutes and 73 percent in 45 minutes. After an hour, the battery of the iPhone SE (2020) has already regained 83 percent of its capacity. For comparison: the 5-watt device reaches 28 percent after 30 minutes, 43 percent after 45 minutes and 57 percent after one hour.

Afterwards, the distance is noticeably narrower: after an hour and a half, the battery with the 18-watt power supply has 96 percent again, and with the 5-watt charger it has 81 percent. With 18 watts in total, it takes almost two hours to charge the battery of the iPhone SE (2020) to 100 percent. With 5 watts you need about 2.5 hours.

Who is the upgrade worth for?

Thus, the investment in the quick charger is particularly worthwhile for users who do not want to charge their iPhone SE (2020) overnight, but instead want to supply them with new energy in between. The 18-watt charger currently costs 35 euros at Apple. In addition, you still need the official “USB ‑ C to Lightning” cable from Apple, which costs at least 25 euros.

After all, the iPhone SE (2020) with a price from 479 euros is relatively cheap. The device is ideal for everyone who is looking for a solid and handy smartphone with iOS that does not tear a big hole in the wallet. Because the repair costs are also relatively limited. Who knows: Maybe the new, cheap iPhone has what it takes to be the phone of 2020.

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