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With 13.6 million fixed network customers, which corresponds to a market share of 39.4 percent, Bonn is by far the largest broadband provider in Germany.

They also achieve a top result this year, but are 13 points behind overall winners 1 & 1. Telekom is the best provider in the language discipline – as in the previous year.

Excellent connection and voice run times confirm top performance. However, the Bonn-based company lost crucial points in the high-speed Internet measurements. In the case of a connection, weaknesses in the upload bandwidths identified showed an error, which also affected other customers in the same connection area.

Against that, there are good performances in the crowdsourcing category. The picture for web services is mixed: overall, the services are very good, but long loading times are noticeable when accessing some websites. With Web TV, the YouTube response times in the smallest bandwidth class could be better.

connect test verdict: very good (889 out of 1000 points)

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