Soon you will find pictures, videos and music in no time

Many of you should know this: You search for a picture in WhatsApp and scrolls … and scrolls … and scrolls. At some point the object of your desire will appear – or not. In the future, everything will be much faster.

Because the developers of the messenger are currently testing a search function that will make it easier for you to find pictures, videos and music in WhatsApp chats. As WABetaInfo reports, the “Advanced Search” option is already available to more and more beta users. If the test is successful, we can all look forward to the feature soon.

Search for pictures, videos and links in WhatsApp

The new function is included in beta version and enables you to search for specific file types in WhatsApp. In addition to images, videos, GIFs, audio files, links and text documents are also available. The following tweet shows the filter options mentioned:

With various buttons you will have the possibility to limit your search to certain file types. WhatsApp will then show you all the matching files – either in a specific conversation or across chat. The latter is particularly useful if you are no longer sure who you shared a file with or who you got it from.

You can obviously help the messenger by entering a search term. For pictures and directly uploaded videos, this should only help if you know the file name. It is probably different with YouTube videos. Words from title or description could speed up the search here.

Search WhatsApp chats by date

It’s not the only upcoming improvement to WhatsApp search. In the future, it should also be possible to filter chat content by date: you will supposedly be able to enter the day, month and year via a displayed carousel. It is unclear whether this option can be combined with the file search.

You want to know what other WhatsApp innovations are coming to us? We’ll tell you in another article.

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