Samsung sells mini sunbed for smartphones

Samsung is now also selling its smartphone sunbed in Germany. This means a new charging box that not only supplies your cell phone with wireless power, but also disinfects it with UV light. Interesting for one or the other, especially in Corona times.

As can be read on the official product page, the so-called “ITFIT UV disinfection box with inductive charging function” eliminates “up to 99 percent of bacteria and germs” in about ten minutes. Samsung cites E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus bacteria as well as Candida albican fungi as examples. However, the manufacturer does not reveal how the UV light affects the corona virus.

UV light works against corona

In fact, the new corona virus appears to be sensitive to UV light. The Fraunhofer Institute offers professional devices that disinfect smartphones via UV radiation. However, the dose must be high enough for this, as the Federal Ministry of Education and Research writes on its website. It is difficult to say whether this is the case with Samsung’s UV disinfection box with inductive charging function. Since the manufacturer does not advertise it, you shouldn’t rely on it. This also speaks against the fact that the charging box is significantly smaller than the devices of the Fraunhofer Institute.

Big enough for a Galaxy S20 Ultra

Smaller doesn’t mean too small to accommodate huge smartphones. According to Samsung, there is also space for the Galaxy S20 Ultra in the ITFIT UV disinfection box with inductive charging function. “Most devices with a display size up to 7 inches” should fit. In other words: almost all smartphones.

And: the use of the box is not limited to cell phones. You can also disinfect and charge your Galaxy Buds. Even your sun (glasses) can be comfortably rid of bacteria and germs in this way, as can be read in the press release. You simply place all items to be disinfected in the Samsung box, press a button and then wait for ten minutes – similar to a tanning bed.

The ITFIT UV disinfection box with inductive charging function can be found in Samsung’s online shop for 58.38 euros. So far, however, it can only be “noted”. When delivery begins is unclear. Comparable devices are also available from other manufacturers.

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