Samsung relies on ceramics

Samsung is polishing the Galaxy S20 – and the Galaxy S10 as well: According to rumors, the company is currently planning new models of its top smartphones. The new color variants, which are distinguished by the special material of the S10, are also to come onto the market in Germany.

The Galaxy S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra are all to be given white variants in Europe as well, reports leak expert Roland Quandt on Twitter. You can find the tweet further down in the article. In Germany you can pre-order the Galaxy S20 Ultra in white. This color variant is called “Cloud White”. At the market launch, the Ultra was only available in black and gray in this country.

Samsung Galaxy S10 + in ceramic

In parallel, Samsung should also plan new versions of the Galaxy S10 +. The 128 GB version of the flagship from 2019 will soon also be available in ceramics, as reported by SamMobile. The ceramic version is said to be available in Europe in both black and white.

The price is expected to be the same as for the previously available models of the Galaxy S10 +. But it is quite possible that the ceramic version of the top smartphone is somewhat more resistant than the model with a glass back. The 128 GB version currently costs almost 800 euros in Europe. For comparison: The Galaxy S20 + is currently available for around 1000 euros.

Galaxy S20 Ultra with camera problems

The Galaxy S20 Ultra has recently attracted attention primarily through bugs. There were numerous problems with the camera, for example with autofocus when taking close-up pictures. Updates can only partially overcome this disadvantage, since it is said to have its cause in the hardware.

Nevertheless, Samsung has without a doubt a top smartphone on the market with the Galaxy S20. Introduced in February 2020, the three models have been on the market in Germany since mid-March. How the S20 performs in everyday life can be found in our extensive test report on the Samsung flagship for 2020.

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