Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra or S21e? So many models should be waiting for us

The Galaxy Note 20 has not yet been unveiled, so eyes are already on the next Samsung flagship: There is news about the Galaxy S21, which will probably be on the market in spring 2021.

SamMobile wants to know exclusively how many models the Galaxy S21 lineup will contain. Apparently, three models await us next year for the launch. The official names are not yet known, but the model numbers are: SM-G991, SM-G996 and SM-G998. These should each stand for a 5G variant of the Galaxy S21. LTE versions are also possible. So far, there is no evidence of this.

Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 + and …

Should Samsung stick to its latest product policy, we would expect the Galaxy S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra in about half a year. The first two models are likely to differ primarily by different sized displays and batteries. The Ultra model would be the over-flagship with the high-end camera like 2020.

However, this is not guaranteed. Because in 2019, Samsung was already relying on three models – but with a different positioning: Instead of providing an even better model with the Galaxy S10 and S10 +, the manufacturer offered us a stripped down, cheaper alternative with the S10e.

Even if a Galaxy S21 Ultra is much more likely: We would not completely rule out a Galaxy S21e. Finally, Apple has proven with the iPhone SE (2020) that there is definitely a demand for affordable models. According to initial analyzes, the SE sells dazzlingly and moves many Android users to switch.

That’s why a Galaxy S21e is unlikely

A Galaxy S21e would certainly be attractive to many customers. The S10e was the most sensible choice for many users at the time. However, the chances of a new e-model are not good. Because in 2020 Samsung decided not to use a slimmed-down model for the launch, and it will soon be available as a Galaxy S20 Fan Edition with a six-month delay. On the other hand, Samsung later added the S10 Lite to the S10e – and had quasi-slimmed-down models on offer. So nothing can be ruled out. What would you think of a Samsung Galaxy S21e?

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