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Audio Rip Robot: CD rippers for everyone

Of course, if you are familiar with PCs and use software in your sleep, you ripped your CDs quickly. But especially with the software there are always pitfalls in the details. With our DIY project, you don’t need to worry about these things:

The “AUDIO Rip Robot” basically does all the work for you, without hours of software installation or laborious training in the ripping programs.

How to operate the audio RIP-Robot

Yes, you can do it without a PC, but not without a computer. Instead of a monster calculator that takes hours to install, the AUDIO Rip Robot uses a tiny single-board computer that is no bigger than a cigarette box.

The Raspberry Pi 3 B + costs less than 50 euros with the case and runs with a Linux derivative as the operating system. But don’t worry: you don’t need any computer skills to use the AUDIO Rip Robot, because it works fully automatically. All you have to do is connect a USB CD drive, a USB memory stick (or USB hard drive with its own power supply) and an Ethernet cable (ideally directly from the WLAN router) and switch it on.

Monitor, keyboard, mouse? Unnecessary. A few seconds after switching on, the CD drive drawer opens automatically. Now insert the first audio CD and close the CD drawer by hand.

The AUDIO Rip Robot recognizes the audio CD, queries the track names on the Internet (hence the Ethernet connection to the router), copies the songs to the USB memory as lossless compressed FLAC files and then ejects the CD, ready for the next one Accept CD.

If you do not insert a new CD for about three minutes, the AUDIO Rip Robot closes the CD drawer (if the drive supports it) and switches off. Now you can pull out the USB memory and insert it into your media server, NAS or PC. All CDs are neatly sorted by artist and album name on the USB tick. Finished!

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