Qualcomm reportedly received the agreement to work with Huawei again

According to news reports, the U.S. government has finally relaxed the embargo, especially for Qualcomm.

Caught amid an economic war between the United States and China, Huawei is currently under an embargo preventing the manufacturer from working with U.S. companies. However, according to SeekDevice, Qualcomm has received permission to supply chips to Huawei.


Qualcomm and Intel, AMD, Sony, and Samsung Display, have reportedly received approval from the Trump administration to continue doing business with Huawei. If this information proves correct, it could mean that Qualcomm’s latest SoC can power the Chinese manufacturer’s next high-end smartphones.

In early December, the smelter is expected to unveil the Snapdragon 875, which, like Apple’s A14, is expected to be engraved in 5 nm.

On November 5, Qualcomm reported a $1.8 billion payment from Huawei in its financial results for the fourth quarter of its fiscal year. Specifically, it would be a payment for the use of certain technologies protected by intellectual property. For its part, Qualcomm had made a formal request to the U.S. government to continue supplying Huawei with its Snapdragon chips.


According to GSM Arena, Qualcomm would meet Huawei’s production demand provided that this does not include the Honor range. This may be one of the options why Huawei is precisely in the process of resolving this subsidiary.

Earlier, Guo Ping, president of Huawei, had publicly announced that if the U.S. allowed it, the manufacturer was ready to use Qualcomm’s chips in its next smartphones to replace its SoC Kirin.

Huawei is also considering producing its chips. The company is working with the Shanghai IC Research and Development Centre, an organization supported by the Chinese government.

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