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The Porsche Taycan in the connectivity test

Porsche took its time with its first electric model, the Taycan. But now the beautiful sports sedan is on the market in three performance levels, and connect was able to get an idea of ​​the latest e-mobility from the basic Taycan 4S.

Porsche vehicles exude a great deal of fascination by their very nature, and the Taycan 4S is no exception. The test car stands there elegantly and dynamically and creates a lot of anticipation even before the tester has taken the seat.

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Car-Connect: Porsche Taycan

Thanks to the “Performance Battery Plus” option, the test car not only had a greater range – in the test up to almost 400 kilometers when the accelerator was stroked, which is not really difficult in view of the sovereignty required, but also more power. But what can the Taycan 4S do apart from the virtues of a sports sedan, such as acceleration and pulling power like being pulled on a steel cable?

In terms of networking, the Taycan 4S is fully tailored to the target group and scores here and there in the test. Some functions, such as the exciting topic of “Functions on Demand”, will only be introduced later. What does the Porsche have to offer in detail?

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Car-Connect: Porsche Taycan

Porsche Taycan – Infotainment

The intuitive operation and the successful user interface of the PCM liked the test and achieved a “good” result. A heads-up display and more extensive media playback would look good on the Taycan.

In view of the high basic price, it is not surprising that the Taycan 4S already comes with most of the infotainment and display features. In addition to the central Full HD display measuring 10.9 inches, the Porsche also has a digital cockpit with a curved display in 16.8 inch format on board.

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The central screen measures just under 11
Inches and offers a brilliant display.
The content of the split screen can
can also be set by the user himself.

The test car also came with a 10.9-inch front passenger display (1,023 euros) that the passenger can use to control almost all functions of the PCM (Porsche Communication Management). However, a head-up display was missing from the equipment list, which would have significantly increased everyday comfort. The PCM is operated via buttons on the steering wheel, via the two touchscreens or via the online voice control that worked well in the test.

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The main menu in the Taycan 4S is clearly laid out with
Tiles designed and can be ordered by the driver
be adjusted.

This can be started via a steering wheel button or simply verbally with “Hey Porsche”. Operation is completed by a touchpad in the center console, which not only allows you to conveniently select the basic functions of navigation, media, telephony, settings and Apple Carplay directly and regulate the volume, but also for handwriting recognition for target and POI searches serves.

The home screen of the PCM offers three elements in split-screen view (see picture above), which the user can customize, as can the main menu with its clear tile look. The visual operation works without any problems, you only have to get used to the drop-down display for the media selection.

© Porsche

The steering wheel control offers with
their roller the most convenient way to
regulate the volume. The
The user can press the hash key
assigned to a function.

For entertainment, the Taycan 4S brings along FM, online and DAB + radio (476 euros) as well as Bluetooth audio streaming including cover display and USB audio playback. The highlight, however, is without a doubt the Apple Music streaming service, which is natively integrated into the PCM. Clever: if the driver hears a song that he likes on the radio, he can mark it and it is stored as a favorite in Apple Music in the background. This is really practical and worked great in the test. This makes it easier to forgive the Porsche that Android Auto is completely missing and wireless Apple Carplay was not yet available in the test car.


  • Power kW / PS: 420/571 kW / PS
  • Torque: 650 Nm
  • Top speed: 250 km / h
  • Acceleration: (0-100 km / h) 4.0 s
  • Consumption: 25.6 kWh / 100 km
  • Price: from 105,607 euros

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