OnePlus: New always-on display puts Samsung and Co. in the shade

Anyone who has owned a Samsung smartphone for a long time will know it. The always-on display has been with us for some time now, even with smartwatches and other smartphones. Now OnePlus wants to bring the popular feature to its smartphones and has come up with something quite spectacular. Because the display on OnePlus goes far beyond stupidly blinding in times, clock designs and symbols.

OnePlus Always-On-Display shows a timeline with sun phases and more

The Chinese manufacturer wants to set its own accents with its own always-on display in OxygenOS 11 and has devised some interesting functions for it. By far the most striking is the displayed timeline. This shows the course of the day not only in rainbow colors. The displayed time also moves along this. The ray also shows you how often you unlocked your smartphone during the day and small notches in the timeline, when the unlocking took place.

By the way, you will also find the well-known symbols for incoming notifications or actions under the timeline. Above it is the fingerprint sensor, which has been installed in the OnePlus cell phones under the display for some time. The Always-On-Display from OnePlus doesn’t just bring along the timeline. You can choose from a wide variety of functional designs. Color is often involved, which should make the function much more attractive. You can find out how all this should look and how OnePlus developed the feature in the following YouTube video.

Incidentally, the new always-on display will be introduced with OxygenOS 11. The system developed by OnePlus will then be based on the latest Android 11 update from Google and should be available for the current OnePlus mobile phones such as the OnePlus Nord and the one quite quickly after the basic version has been published OnePlus 8 Pro are available.

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