OnePlus 8 Lite could be released as OnePlus Z in June

The new OnePlus 8 models have already been introduced and we even had the OnePlus 8 Pro in our test. However, in addition to the flagships, there were always rumors about a so-called lite version. A OnePlus 8 Lite was invisible during the performance. Now there are rumors about a OnePlus Z that could even be just around the corner.

OnePlus Z should come in June, successor to the OnePlus X

There could be several reasons why the OnePlus Z (or OnePlus 8 Lite) was not shown together with the new flagships. The Leaker @OnLeaks indicates that the smartphone has been postponed due to the ongoing global situation. Another reason could be a healthy distance so as not to release too many devices onto the market at once. Now it should be time soon and the rumors about a OnePlus Z are picking up speed.

Images and the name OnePlus 8 Lite were already circulating on the Internet last year. The new middle class could probably have a Z in its name. You probably want to introduce a successor to the failed OnePlus X. The latter could not really prevail and was discontinued fairly quickly, but whether it can now fix a OnePlus Z remains to be seen.

In addition, it is still questionable which hardware we will see in the OnePlus 8 Lite. It could be an upscale mid-range processor, perhaps a Snapdragon 765 5G, supported by 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage. In the past there was often the assumption that all OnePlus cell phones should support the 5G mobile phone standard this year. After all, that would fit into the picture.

Show around June, release in July? Price completely unclear

We don’t have an exact date for the OnePlus Z yet, but the rumors seem to suggest a show in late June or at the latest in July. Shortly afterwards, the new mid-range smartphone could appear in stores, perhaps with a lead time of around two to three weeks.

However, the price is still completely unclear. The smallest OnePlus 8 starts at 699 euros. A possible middle class model should therefore be significantly lower. So you can assume that the price could be anywhere between 500 and 600 euros. However, this remains pure speculation for now.

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