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The 2.2 million fixed network customers of O2 / Telefónica correspond to a 6.4 percent market share, which makes Munich the fourth largest German broadband provider.

O2 has been marketing wholesale products from Telekom since 2014. However, the provider operates its own core network behind it. His results in the telephony discipline are impressive – however, there is room for improvement in connection establishment and language runtimes.

This is contrasted by outstanding performance in the high-speed Internet category – in the data tests for the test server in its own network, O2 is at the top together with 1 & 1, EWE, Mnet and NetCologne.

The same applies to the web service tests, in which Telefónica scores best with 1 & 1. The performance of the Web TV tests is also very good – despite slightly higher error rates and buffer times in the smaller bandwidth categories. In crowdsourcing, however, the provider only ranks in the middle.

connect test verdict: very good (882 out of 1000 points)

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