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Will all the news from the three major Facebook platforms soon run via an app? The WhatsApp program code again indicates a merger of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and even Instagram.

The platform that specializes in examining the latest beta versions of the Messenger app WhatsApp reports again about plans to merge the short message and chat services operated by the Facebook group. In this way, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram’s message function could be combined in one tool in the long term.

A first step towards this is the connection of the Facebook messenger with WhatsApp. Developers in the WhatsApp program code have now noticed the first signs of this. However, the “local database” entries found only meant that Facebook could understand some aspects of WhatsApp communication.

This would allow Facebook Messenger to read out blocks, notifications and other chat details, but not their members, profile pictures and text content, as these are encrypted.

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Also interesting: Within the Instagram app, users are recommended to install the Facebook Messenger as a communication app. Although this does not represent a real integration of one service into the other, it shows where the development could go in the long term.

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