Nakivo B&R v10: Support for vSphere 7, backup of Linux workstations

After several 9.x releases, Nakivo announced the completion of version 10 of its backup software. Key innovations include support for VMware vSphere 7 and Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage, backup of Ubuntu workstations, and full P2V recovery.

Nakivo already released four minor updates from 9.1 to 9.4 during the course of the year, some of which brought significant innovations. The new release jumps to 10 with the version number, although it does not contain any major improvements compared to its predecessors.

Backup of vSphere 7

For existing customers, the most important message should be that they can also secure vSphere 7 with B&R v10 if they plan to switch to the current VMware platform soon. With regard to the vSphere-related backup functions, the manufacturer has otherwise announced no innovations.

Backup of Ubuntu workstations

The software, which was originally designed to secure virtual environments, has been able to protect physical systems for some time now. Previously, this included servers running Linux and Windows as well as workstations with the Microsoft operating system. B&R is now expanding this support to Linux PCs, but initially only to Ubuntu.

Wasabi as cloud storage

Version 10 of the extended platform support includes that users do this for their backups Wasabi hot cloud storage to be able to use. This applies to backups of VMs as well as physical machines.

With regard to physical computers, B&R v10 is also introducing full recovery into a virtual machine under vSphere. This is suitable, for example, for a planned migration from physical systems to vSphere.


Nakivo Backup & Replication v10 is complete as a feature trial version available for 15 days from the date of installation. The provider also provides a Free edition ready, which is limited to backing up two VMs.

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