Living Packets presents “talking” packaging

With “The Box”, the start-up Living Packets has presented intelligent packaging for e-commerce. The box is equipped with various sensors, an integrated camera and a microphone.

The German-French start-up Living Packets today presented the second generation of its intelligent packaging called “The Box”. The packaging is intended for e-commerce companies and offers an integrated camera, up to 32 liters of interior space, new sensors, a new automated holding mechanism, an electromechanical lock and a new 7.8 e-ink display with gorilla glass.

“We have approached hundreds of companies last year who would like to work with ‘The Box’. We received valuable feedback from them. We also learned a lot during our first market tests,” explains co-founder and CEO Alexander Cotte. “All the feedback and tests have been incorporated into the development of our new generation of ‘The Box’. Now we are preparing everything to bring it to the market as quickly as possible.”

New: speaker and microphone

The intelligent packaging is able to measure temperature, pressure, shocks, movement and the weight inside. In addition, it was equipped with a new light sensor. The camera inside the box enables deliveries to be viewed quickly and conveniently. According to the manufacturer, the large e-ink display can show every shipping label that is available in the world today and is readable by both people and machines. This makes the box compatible with all existing logistics solutions in warehouses and fulfillment centers.

“The Box” now also has a microphone and a loudspeaker so that the sender can send an acoustic message to the recipient. Online retailers, for example, could also congratulate their customers on their birthday with the package. Messages from the sender or recipient to the deliverer are also conceivable.

An electromechanical locking system with a TSA interface should ensure greater security during shipping. The integrated locking system securely locks in consignments and records every attempt to open it.

Production is scheduled to start in 2020

Production of “The Box” will start later this year, according to Living Packets. The company has started construction of its first production line at its research and development center in Nantes, France. Series production of the smart box is planned for the third quarter of this year. The company had a crowd-sharing campaign in the spring five million euros in capital collected.

“With ‘The Box’ we have not only developed a new delivery box for online businesses. We have created a new space for opportunities in the world of logistics,” explains co-founder and CTO Fabian Kliem.

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