LG Gram 14 in the test

© LG

Ultrabook from LG: the Gram 14.


  • high quality 14-inch ultrabook
  • very light weight,
  • compact dimensions excellent system performance
  • exceptional battery life
  • large variety of interfaces
  • Network adapter in
  • scope of delivery
  • “Silent Mode” for reduction
  • the fan noise


  • SSD only available with 256 GB
  • Not very rigid, not particularly bright display
  • mediocre graphics performance

The South Korean technology group LG not only has smartphones, televisions, monitors, household appliances and air conditioning systems in its huge tray, but also notebooks. The manufacturer has now brought the latter to Germany. The product series, which consists of three models, is called Gram (English for gram) – and rarely has a name been as fitting as here.

Because the top model with a 17-inch diagonal weighs just 1350 grams, the smaller brother with 15.6 inches weighs just over a kilogram. And the ultra-compact LG notebook we tested weighs exactly 977 grams.

© LG

Slim and light: the LG Gram 14.

This has never been seen before: A notebook in the increasingly popular 14-inch class that falls below the kilometer limit and that is so clearly not yet seen in the connect test. The aha effect is correspondingly pronounced when you pick up the Gram 14 for the first time.

LG Gram 14: lightweight with endurance

The manufacturer promises “unlimited mobility”, and the low weight in combination with the compact dimensions definitely meet this requirement. With the Gram devices, LG addresses so-called prosumers, i.e. demanding private users who also want to use their notebook as a fully-fledged work device.

Mobile suitability therefore also means that the clamshell computer can last a full working day on the go in battery mode. The Gram 14 also manages this effortlessly. In the MobileMark benchmark, which simulates the usage behavior of a typical office user, the elegant Korean lasts well over 13 hours before he has to be plugged in again.

© LG

The side view shows some connection options of the LG Gram 14.

Ultrabook from LG: does what it says on the tin

It is also gratifying that the tenth-generation Intel Core i5 processor is easily up to the classic office tasks, because the system performance just barely missed full points in the test. By the way: If full power is not required, the already subtle fan noise can be further reduced thanks to “Silent Mode”.

The graphics performance is less convincing, but demanding CAD users or hardcore gamers do not belong to the lightweight target group anyway. In addition, the Gram 14 can book its networking options on the credit side. Because it has a variety of interfaces that we would not have expected given its compact dimensions.

As there are: three USB-A ports, a USB-C slot with Thunderbolt 3 support, HDMI, microSD plus Kensington lock. On top of that, LG also includes an Ethernet adapter for wired network connections in the packaging at no extra charge. You can access the web via WLAN using the modern Wi-Fi 6 standard.

Features of the LG GRAM 14 on both sides

The backlit keyboard with fingerprint scanner, the smooth touchpad and the full HD display in 16: 9 format do not give cause for complaint either. However, the glossy screen should like to shine a little brighter – in any case, you would thank it for outdoor use in sunny surroundings.

In addition, the extremely fast, but relatively small SSD and the not overly pronounced stability of the very narrow display lid can be criticized – probably the price of lightness.

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The Gram 14 is available in exactly one configuration – namely the one described here. This also applies to the 15-inch device, which is 100 euros more expensive and comes with an SSD with 512 GB, but is otherwise largely identically equipped.

Only the 17-inch top model is available in various equipment variants: the prices for it are between 1,399 and 1,649 euros. This device series is rounded off by special, slightly more expensive business models for business customers.

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