iPhone 12 for a small price? Apple mobile phone should be “super affordable”

If the rumors are correct, Apple has released its cheapest premium smartphone for years with the iPhone 12. CEO Tim Cook now shows that you can push the price even further down. So can we expect a real bargain?

While Apple shared third-quarter business information with investors, Tim Cook made a comment about the current trade-in and finance offering when buying an iPhone. AppleInsider reports. Both options would make an iPhone “super affordable,” said the Apple CEO.

iPhone 12 for 25 euros?

You can finance an iPhone 12 (soon) over a period of 24 months with an effective annual interest rate of 0 percent. So you do not have to pay a three-digit amount directly, but regularly transfer a smaller amount. You can combine the offer with the exchange option. To purchase, you then hand in your current iPhone and receive a corresponding discount. The height varies depending on the submitted model. You can also use both options separately.

Tim Cook said that this is an environmentally friendly and affordable solution that is widely used. He spoke of a “trend” and that Apple wanted to encourage more users to switch to newer devices in the future. So will the offer become more attractive in the future? Depending on how expensive the iPhone 12 will ultimately be, you could possibly land at a price of just under 25 euros per month.

Keynote and release in October?

The iPhone 12 is said to cost $ 649, which would have been the cheapest price for a premium iPhone for years. Of the current devices, only the iPhone SE (2020) is cheaper, but it belongs to the upper middle class. The iPhone 11 currently costs 779 euros in Germany.

However, you have to wait a little longer for the new generation than for the iPhone 11 last year. Apple has meanwhile confirmed that the devices are delayed. The keynote is also likely to take place later. October is traded in the rumor mill.

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