iOS 13.7: Update makes corona warning possible without an app

Apple has released a new update for iPhones. iOS 13.7 extends the interface for corona contact tracking, among other things.

iOS 14 has already been announced and shouldn’t be long in coming. Nevertheless, Apple has pushed an update for iOS 13 again. The new version iOS 13.7 brings a major innovation: Corona tracing should now also be possible without special apps. To this end, Apple has expanded the contact tracking interface.

Whoever activates the function in the settings should in future also be able to be informed about risk contacts directly in the operating system. In order for this to work, the cooperation of the respective health authorities is still necessary. Instead of an app that accesses the interface, they only have to send a configuration file to Apple that contains the local regulations.

Corona warning app continues to run as usual

Nothing should change for German users for the time being. The Corona warning app continues to run as usual. The new function in Apple’s operating system is interesting for regions in which no special app is yet available. Initially, the feature will probably be used in some US states. Other regions are likely to follow. It might also be easier to track contacts when traveling across borders.

Google will also integrate this function in Android. Both companies developed the interface together and continue to work together. As with the Corona warning app, contact tracing takes place via Bluetooth and the data is processed decentrally on the smartphone. The use of contact tracking within the operating system is also voluntary; the interface is deactivated by default.

iOS 13.7: More functions

In addition to the update for the contact tracing interface, iOS 13.7 contains other new functions. The update brings new Memoji stickers. In addition, you can now share your iCloud Drive folder via the “Files” app. IOS 13.7 also fixes some bugs. Apple has not yet published more details about the security updates.

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