INTERNET WORLD BUSINESS: The 5G revolution for digital commerce

The new issue of INTERNET WORLD BUSINESS will appear on Monday, August 3rd, this time with the focus on 5G. Subscribers can now read the magazine in advance in the online archive.

Does 5G transmit Corona? Are radio waves dangerous? Do the Chinese want to spy on us? Rarely has the introduction of a new mobile radio standard met as much skepticism as 5G, the fifth generation of mobile communications, and experts agree that 5G is a revolution.

The current issue of INTERNET WORLD BUSINESS deals with the effects 5G will have on digital trade.

Read about:

  • More than a cellular standard: What are the opportunities and challenges at 5G and why are we heading for a network of different speeds.
  • “Connectivity is our infrastructure”: In an interview, futurologist Nils Mülller explains how 5G will change all areas of the economy – and why we have to be careful not to lose touch.
  • The retail accelerator: 5G is faster, more flexible and more powerful than previous radio networks. Experts present scenarios for the use of 5G in commerce.

Further topics in the magazine:

  1. Who will make the switch to online? Large retailers such as Zara and Douglas and brands such as Nike and Microsoft put their stationary presences to the test and look for the way into online retail. But the conditions for success are not evenly distributed.
  2. Instagram Shopping Ads. Unimpressed by the quarrels surrounding the parent company Facebook, Instagram has developed into an indispensable social media channel for brands and retailers. And Instagram offers more and more tools for this.
  3. The Keptn knows everything. The city of Emden has set up a mobile information portal for citizens and tourists. Instead of different apps for different smartphones, the “Keptn” uses a progressive web app.

The print version of INTERNET WORLD BUSINESS is available exclusively for Premium Plus subscribers. Like Digital Plus subscribers, you can now also read the issue in our online archive.

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