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connect regularly tested wireless in-ear headphones. These are the best models we’ve tested so far!

True wireless in-ear headphones are very trendy and have become a bestseller as perfect smartphone accessories. Whether for on the go or for sports, in-ear headphones with Bluetooth are simply practical: with them cable clutter is a thing of the past and, in contrast to strap-on headphones, they are much more manageable. To stow away, you simply put the plugs in their charging case, which in the best case is so compact that it can sometimes disappear in a pocket.

The disadvantages of in-ears are obvious or, in the worst case, on the floor. Because they are not connected to each other, they can easily fall out of your ear. In addition, due to the compact design, you have to live with restrictions on the battery life and sometimes also the audio quality. But the development in this area is progressing quickly and improvements can be heard and measured with every new generation.

Below we present the best in-ear headphones in the form of our best list and give you buying tips.

Buying advice: What should I pay attention to when buying?

When buying in-ear headphones, there are a few things you should pay attention to to get the model that suits you:

Design: in-ears or earbuds?

While in-ear headphones are inserted into the ear canal, earbuds are only attached to them (e.g. Apple Air Pods). Full completion often results in better sound quality. In-ears also score with significantly more powerful bass, since the sound is also transmitted through the bones. Naturally, hangers have a hard time here. However, you have to like the complete end of the ear, some find it uncomfortable. Earbuds, on the other hand, have the advantage of not blocking the user from the environment, which promises more safety on the road.

Noise reduction: with or without ANC?

In-ears can dampen outside noise actively or passively. This means through the purely physical closure of the ear canal or active through counter-sound, which is also called Active Noise Canceling (ANC). In-ears with ANC are more expensive, but they dampen outside noise more effectively and, in contrast to passive damping, better eliminate low and monotonous tones. Those who fly a lot or travel by train will find a haven of peace in them.

Water protection

If you want to wear your in-ears primarily for sports, you should look for models with certified IP protection. Plugs with splash protection are certified with IP54. However, there are also special sport-in-ears.

Wireless charging

Are you traveling a lot and your smartphone masters wireless charging with wireless reverse charging? Then make sure that the charging cradle of the in-ears can also be charged wirelessly. So you can quickly and easily fill your earplugs with additional minutes of listening fun by simply placing them on your smartphone.

Don’t buy too cheap

The in-ear market is currently very large, some devices are already available on Amazon for 15 euros. However, if you don’t just want to hear distorted doodles, but value music enjoyment, you can’t get around a budget between 100 and 200 euros.

Reading tips

Which in-ear headphones are the best?

As is so often the case, more expensive devices have better equipment and material quality and therefore perform better in the test. We are therefore presenting our price-performance tips right here.

The best in-ear headphones: value for money

  • Samsung Galaxy Buds +: connect rating: good (400 out of 500 points)
  • Libtratone Track Air +: connect rating: good (407 out of 500 points)

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