Google: Users get more information about advertisers

With the new “About This Ad” function, Google wants to give its users more information about ads and advertisers this year.

“Why am I seeing this advertisement?” For many years, Google has been explaining to users who want to know why this advertisement is shown to them: the answer is usually: because the current search terms or the last search queries indicate a certain interest. There are around 15 million user interactions with this tool every day, Google said in a press conference. There is therefore great interest in more information about advertising, which is why the function is now also being introduced for ads that are displayed on Internet-compatible televisions (Smart TV).

This “Why This Ad?” Function is to be expanded in the coming months. Then the user should also be able to see who the sender of the advertising campaign is. The “About This Ad” function is to be used in the fourth quarter for all display ads that are booked in via Google Ads and Display & Video 360.

In the coming year, the function will also come for other ad formats. These changes are intended to provide users with easily accessible and easily understandable information about how and why Google uses user data for advertising purposes, says Chetna Bindra, Senior Product Manager for User Trust and Privacy at Google.

The function “Why this advertisement?” is supplemented by information about the sender of the advertisement.

Source: Google screenshot

Google Chrome browser

Google also announced more transparency regarding its advertisements for its Google Chrome browser. Already in May a year ago, the company had announced in a blog post that it would give users more information about all the ads that appear on a web page in the future – provided they were controlled via Google Chrome.

A corresponding alpha version has now been presented in the Chrome Web Store. Under the name “Ads Transparency Spotlight”, users will be able to read further information on all advertisements in the future: Who played the ad and all names of the advertisers.

Since Google Chrome has an extremely high market share, the announcement is significant. Almost 70 percent of all users worldwide use the Google Chrome browser to access the Internet. Firefox and Safari follow with around nine percent market share.

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