Generation Z: withdrawal from social media

According to a study by Dentsu Aegis, young people – especially in Europe – have concerns about social networks and are increasingly deleting their profiles.

The agency group Dentsu Aegis worldwide surveyed 5,000 young people between the ages of 18 and 24, some of them during the pandemic wedding. Surprising: a fifth of this target group deleted social media accounts last year. One third of the time on the smartphone is limited and 43 percent are trying to reduce the amount of data they can leave behind and find.

The issue of mental health is worrying because almost half of generation Z fears that technology will have negative effects on health and psyche – this has been mentioned particularly often in Spain (59 percent), Australia (55 percent) and France (53 percent) .

Not everything about technology is bad

Although half of the respondents (58 percent) do not trust technologies, 62 percent believe that technology will do more good than bad in the future. This basic technophile mood is particularly pronounced in Hong Kong (78), Poland, Finland and Mexico (75 each).

However, there are also concerns between the intertwining of social media and politics: 37 percent believe that social networks influence the political discourse in their country. Concerns are greatest in Hungary (56 percent), Australia (50 percent) and the United States (48 percent).

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