Flaconi builds a new logistics center in Halle

The online retailer for beauty products Flaconi will manage its logistics from Halle from 2021. A state-of-the-art logistics center is currently being built there. Among other things, the new location offers three times the storage area.

Flaconi was founded in 2011 and has quickly developed into – according to its own statements – the largest online pure player for beauty products in Germany.

The Beauty Online Shop has seen very strong growth in the last few years and wants to continue this in the future. In addition to further international expansion plans, this also includes a constant range of products.

Berlin logistics center became too small

“With the rapid development of the company, the demands on logistics are changing, which the current logistics location in Berlin no longer meets. In the last Christmas business we had to rent additional storage space at other locations at times in order to be able to offer our customers the usual service. That made the logistics processes unnecessarily complex and therefore less sustainable, “explains COO Steffen Christ.

The capacities of the current logistics center in Berlin are fully utilized and the demand will increase significantly this year as well. Therefore, in the middle of next year, a new logistics center tailored to Flaconi’s requirements will go into operation in the up-and-coming business location Halle.

28,000 square meters in Halle’s commercial center

“We are pleased that with the logistics project developer Goodman Germany and the city of Halle we have two strong and experienced partners at our side who are actively supporting us with their extensive know-how in this milestone in the development of flaconi”, says Christ.

In the well-known “Star Park” commercial center in Halle, a modern logistics center is currently being built, precisely adapted to Flaconi’s process needs, with an area of ​​28,000 square meters, a storage capacity of over 85,000 SKUs and optimal transport connections. The new location not only offers three times the storage area, but also enables sustainable process optimization tailored to Flaconi’s range. In future, up to 900 warehouse employees per shift can guarantee a handling capacity of up to 167,000 orders per day.

Halle municipality open to logistics

Christof Prange, Head of Business Development at Goodman Germany, sums up the advantages of the location: “As one of the leading project developers in the e-commerce sector, we are very pleased to be developing the new logistics center for Flaconi in Star Park Halle. We already have Numerous properties have been realized in the Halle / Leipzig metropolitan region, as the framework conditions are ideal: The municipality is open to logistics and supports the establishment of e-commerce companies, there is a sufficiently qualified workforce in the vicinity and the existing transport infrastructure increases the efficiency of the supply chain. “

Lord Mayor Bernd Wiegand also welcomes Flaconi’s move: “The establishment of Flaconi is further evidence that Halle is developing into an attractive location for young, dynamic companies. With the Star Park in the east of the city, we have been able to establish a modern industrial area , which is developing a great attraction with its excellent infrastructural connection. Flaconi will set up its central logistics location here and we as a city will provide the best possible support so that the logistics center can go live on schedule in mid-2021. “

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