Fixed network test 2020: How connect and zafaco test

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How good are the landline connections in Germany? – How connect tests in the fixed network test.

For more than ten years, connect has been carrying out its demanding fixed network test in close cooperation with zafaco GmbH, based in Ismaning. It operates test connections in a total of 52 cities, although not every network operator at each location takes part in the test with one connection.

In our test candidates, we differentiate between national, i.e. nationwide active providers and regional providers whose connections are only available in certain federal states or regions. National providers participate with a total of 16 test connections, regional providers with four.

When selecting access products per provider, connect and zafaco aim to approach the actual offers on the market. Because not every customer uses the fastest and most expensive lines. That is why the distribution of the connections over different bandwidth classes takes into account the range of offers of the network operators. The complete list of the connection types considered in the test field can be found here.

At the locations, automated test systems took place from 11.5. a total of around 3.9 million measurements by 7 June 2020. To ensure that maintenance work that cannot be delayed does not lead to unfair disadvantages, zafaco took into account a nightly maintenance window and recorded no measured values ​​between 2 and 6 in the morning. This maintenance window does not apply to the crowdsourcing measurement results.

Measurements of telephony, data transmission, web services and web TV were carried out automatically around the clock.

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