First shops use Instagram Reels

Instagram is now launching its short video feature Reels in over 90 countries. In Germany, the first advertisers are already experimenting with it.

The social media platform Instagram is now launching its new short video feature “Reels” worldwide. After successful testing in Germany, France, Brazil and India, Reels is now available in over 90 other countries, including Switzerland, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Japan.

With Reels, users can create short videos for 15 seconds, record them in several steps and edit them with sound, effects and various creative tools. The results, which can be seen so far, are strongly reminiscent of the TikTok platform and have also created real stars on Instagram within a few weeks: The 23-year-old Hai Do (@haixdo), for example, was one of the first to reach a million audience with their card tricks .

Strengthen community ties

The first companies in Germany are now also using reels, creating amusing short films that advertise their own products. Frankfurt-based company Oatsome, which sells smoothie bowl products, uses reels to strengthen its ties to the community. The videos are less perfect than usual, so they are more authentic.

“We have found that the new function enables us to achieve a high organic reach without the need for complex content,” said Stephanie Wichert, Junior Content and Social Media Manager at Oatsome. “And our most successful reel to date with 50,000 views embodies exactly that.”

Reels format “What’s in my backpack?”. In 15 seconds it is shown what is in your pocket.

Source: Kapten & Son

The fashion accessories specialist Kapten & Son also maintains its international community with short videos on Reels, in which the singer Vanessa Mai also presents new styles. “Instagram Reels offers us special potential for infotainment Instagram story hacks and ‘What’s in my backpack’ we have already developed two formats, “reports Marian Paul, Chief Marketing Officer at Kapten & Son.” So far we have only received positive feedback. We see that in above-average likes and comments, which shows us that the content is well received by our followers. ”

One of the advantages for Kapten & Son is the relatively uncomplicated creation of the videos. Other advertisers apparently see it that way too. Companies like, Just Spices, MyMuesli and Westwing are also experimenting with reels.

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