Facebook: advertising boycott reaches German brands

German brands such as Vaude or Henkel also join the international # StopHateForProfit campaign, which Facebook wants to encourage to act more against hateful, violent and racist content in its networks.

For Vaude, Facebook and Instagram are among the most important advertising platforms, which account for around 25 percent of the media budget. Nevertheless, like many international – and national – colleagues, the brand is now joining the # StopHateForProfit campaign. As part of the campaign, the brands will no longer advertise on the network and its subsidiaries.

Vaude is firmly opposed to racism and discrimination of any kind. “That is why we support the campaign with full conviction and reaffirm the request to Facebook not to further hate, division and manipulation. Facebook imposes very strict terms of use, but unfortunately only on paper They are not consistently implemented in practice. This is very important to us, precisely because we consider Facebook to be a very important platform for the exchange of people, “said Manfred Meindl, Head of International Marketing Vaude.

Campaign reaches German brands

In addition to Vaude, other well-known outdoor brands such as Patagonia, The North Face or Houdini as well as large companies from other sectors have already joined the initiative, including Adidas, Puma, Henkel, Fritz Kola or the Veganz Group.

The campaign aims to hit Facebook where it hurts the most: in advertising revenue, which accounts for almost the entire turnover of the Internet company. If many companies participate, the increasing pressure could move the platform to rethink. “We very much hope that Facebook will deal with the demands and use this opportunity to be a platform for a more humane society and a better world,” said Manfred Meindl.

Facebook itself has announced stricter measures and control mechanisms.

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