Exciting price-performance hit with software boost

Just a few days ago, Google introduced the Pixel 4a, a new smartphone from its own development department. Although this is not a high-priced high-end smartphone, the device, like the Pixel 3a, still comes with everything we would expect from a Google mobile phone. Thanks in particular to the impressive software features, the Pixel 4a could become a real price-performance hit.

When we talk about software features, we don’t mean things like clear settings for the always-on display or a practical split-screen mode. The tricks of the Google developers are much more obvious with the Pixel 4a and especially noticeable in everyday life. A real highlight is probably the camera of the mid-range smartphone, which is due to be released in October for 349 euros.

Save money and still take great photos

Even mid-range smartphones come with four or even five camera lenses. Google installs a single lens in the Pixel 4a and the results are extremely impressive. The software makes it possible. The so-called “Super Resolution Zoom” replaces the telephoto lens. “Live HDR +” enables HDR + recordings where the viewfinder preview really matches the result. The “double exposure control, however, lets you adjust the overall exposure and even the brightness of darker image areas such as shadows.

Even a night vision mode that even enables astrophotography, i.e. the recording of starry skies with long exposure times, is also on board the Pixel 4a – and we are still talking about a camera with a single lens. Current premium smartphones also master such functions, but often cost twice or even three times.

More than just solid equipment and even more software boost

There are certainly mid-range smartphones that cost a little less than 349 euros. Even with its hardware equipment, the Pixel 4a definitely stands out from many of these devices. The OLED display alone cannot be taken for granted in this market segment. 6 GB RAM and the built-in Snapdragon 730G chipset together ensure sufficient power to drive all common apps without noticeable waiting times. 128 GB of internal memory is available to take a number of photos, songs, videos and documents.

Other features of the Pixel 4a that benefit from Google’s software expertise include the Google Assistant, security, and the basic Android system in general. Because this phone comes directly from the Android developer himself, it is also one of the first to receive new features, security updates and extensions to existing functions. Even the battery of the Pixel 4a should last longer thanks to an AI-controlled energy management.

For 349 euros, the Google Pixel 4a really has a lot of interesting capabilities that set the smartphone apart from other mid-range models. We are excited to see how the smartphone will perform in our test when it appears in October.

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