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EWE has 0.6 million customers and thus has a 1.7 percent share of the German broadband market. The name stands for energy supply Weser-Ems – the network operator offers VDSL and fiber optic lines between Ems and Elbe, in Brandenburg and on Rügen.

When it comes to voice telephony, the test winner among the regionally active providers convinces with short connection setup and voice runtimes. There is only slight potential for improvement in the voice quality of connections to other All-IP networks.

For this, EWE trumps in the high-speed Internet category and also achieves very good results in the crowdsourcing analyzes. With web services, there is light – like very fast DNS resolution times – and shadows: long loading times for websites and slow gaming pings.

EWE is the best provider in the Web TV category and achieves the highest levels of picture quality and error rates. All in all, this leads to most points in comparison and to the top position among regional providers.

connect test verdict: good (909 out of 1000 points)

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