European Amazon accounts can now be transferred

So far, it has hardly been possible for European Amazon retailers to transfer their seller account to another owner. Amazon has now significantly simplified the process.

So far, selling an Amazon store in Europe has been a complicated thing. With a few exceptions, the old seller account had to be deleted, existing FBA goods had to be completely remissioned in many cases and the new owner had to put them back under his new account and the products had to be re-listed.

Amazon has now changed that: Just like in the USA, seller accounts can now be transferred to another owner in Europe with just a few clicks, reports Timo Bock from the dragonflip shop sales platform on Facebook.

The entire account history is retained, product descriptions and ratings are also adopted. The goods do not have to be retrieved from the warehouse and then re-stored, but are simply continued under their new owner. The transfer takes just 72 hours, says Bock.

Caution, warning letter

However, the transfer of accounts is not entirely unproblematic. “Courts may find it misleading if old ratings from the previous account holder are now shown to the new owner,” warns Mark Steier on “That could be misleading, since the services of the old company have nothing to do with the new one.”

A solution could be to mark all old reviews with a corresponding reference to the previous owner of the account.

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