Customer Barometer for Cellular 2020: Customers are so satisfied with their cellphone provider

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Good mood among mobile customers? Our satisfaction survey provides the answers.

For the sixth time in a row, we asked customers from the DACH region about their experiences with their mobile operator. Because a look behind the scenes often shows more than the beautiful facade around it.

This year is ours
Study turned out a little more extensive. In addition to network operators and larger mobile phone providers, we also targeted smaller providers in Germany in 2020. To ensure better comparability, we evaluated the network operators Telekom, Vodafone and Telefónica / O2 as well as 1 & 1 separately. That is why there is one winner in Germany from the area of ​​network operators and one from the area of ​​mobile phone providers in Germany.

Surveyed over 3300 customers

In cooperation with FiFT (specialist institute for technical topics), we asked a total of 2472 mobile customers from Germany, 366 from Austria and 503 from Switzerland online about their subjective assessments with their respective providers. The survey period was April 2020.

In order to be able to assess all results of the survey as neutrally as possible, we use the WPS (WEKA Promoter Score). This determines customer satisfaction on the basis of five levels between “very good” and “very bad”: Accordingly, 100 percent satisfied customers lead to a WPS of 200, 100 percent dissatisfied to a WPS of minus 200. If the ratio of negative and positive ratings is balanced, there is a score of 0.

The end result is ultimately composed of the ratings of the individual categories. Various factors play a role in each category. When it comes to customer service, for example, we not only want to know how friendly the employee was, but also whether the problem has been solved.

You can see how the providers perform in detail on our graphics on the following pages.

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