Corona warning app: errors and their causes – what helps?

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Corona warning app: Some users receive error messages. What are the causes?

The Corona warning app and the Google and Apple contact tracing API used by it were developed under time pressure. After the publication, millions of users downloaded the app on their Android smartphones and iPhones in a short time – as the Corona app shows download numbers. It is no wonder that some users experience errors when installing and using the app.

But what do the error messages mean? What are the causes? And how or when can the errors be fixed? We have collected the most common error messages for you in this overview and researched the current state of knowledge for each. We list all errors on Android first and then the errors on iOS.

One piece of advice in advance: fix two classic tips

Have you tried turning it off and on again? The old IT support meme has proven itself time and again in practice – depending on the error, probably also with the Corona warning app. If there are any problems when installing or running the app, we recommend trying the two troubleshooting classics before doing a large search for causes and solutions:

  1. Restart your smartphone / tablet.
  2. If that doesn’t help: Uninstall and reinstall the Corona Warning app. Use the official sources to download the Corona Warning app: Google Play Store or. Apple App Store.

Do not worry: If you uninstall the Corona Warning app and then reinstall it, the go collected contact logs are not lost. The lists are created by the operating system via the Exposure Notification API and can only be deleted separately in the device settings.

Didn’t both steps help? On the following two pages, we first list the most common Corona warning app error messages on Android and then the Corona warning app errors on iOS. To do this, we collect information and solutions.

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