Camera upgrade for Samsung’s next bestseller?

At the end of last year, Samsung introduced the hugely popular Galaxy A51. Now there are first rumors about the successor: The Galaxy A52 is apparently getting a better camera than the current model.

GalaxyClub has apparently found out details. Like its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy A52 will have a quad camera. But: The main lens supposedly offers a higher resolution. This should increase from 48 MP (Galaxy A51) to 64 MP. Of course, it remains to be seen whether this will actually result in better photos.

With a macro lens but without a telephoto lens

GalaxyClub does not have any information on the ultra-wide-angle or depth sensor of the Galaxy A52 camera. But it is certain that a macro lens will be waiting for us again. A telephoto lens, on the other hand, is unlikely. That would mean that, as with the current model, we would have to do without an optical zoom and be content with digital magnification. An upgrade would be more appropriate here than with the resolution.

Galaxy A52: Release probably not until 2021

A few more months will pass before the Samsung Galaxy A52 is on the shelves of retailers. The manufacturer unveiled the predecessor in December 2019, and the market launch took place in spring 2020. We are assuming a similar schedule for the Galaxy A52. Its release should therefore only take place in early 2021. As the past has shown, we should have had a fairly precise idea of ​​the smartphone long in advance. Because Samsung is not known for keeping details of upcoming devices under lock and key.

Galaxy A52: That’s Why It’s So Important To Samsung

The Galaxy S series may be Samsung’s flagship, but the middle class of South Koreans is increasingly responsible for the income: While sales of Samsung’s premium devices have been weak for some time, the Galaxy A50 and A51 are selling brilliantly. No wonder, since the two cell phones are among the best affordable smartphones on the market. So the Galaxy A52 has big footsteps to fill. Samsung shouldn’t allow itself a miss here.

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