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connect landline test 2020

In the preparation phase of this broadband and fixed network test, we discussed the obvious question very early on: Can you carry out a network test in times of Corona? After all, the increased use of home offices and evening streaming marathons create special conditions.

To answer this question, our long-term network test partner zafaco constantly monitored the performance and capacities of the networks and was able to quickly give the all-clear: the networks withstood the changed load easily, the operators also do an excellent job in the Corona crisis.

This is also confirmed by the results of our now evaluated measurements, for which the connect readers as well as the tested providers have eagerly awaited for the eleventh time in a row.

Test providers and products

The selection of the tested connections reflects the distribution of the offers. We measure the providers by their own promises.

In our test candidates, we differentiate between supraregional, i.e. nationwide active providers and regional providers whose connections are only available in certain federal states or regions. National providers participate with a total of 16 test connections, regional providers with four.

When selecting access products per provider, connect and zafaco aim to approach the actual distribution in the market. Because not every customer uses the fastest and most expensive lines. For this reason, the distribution of connections over different bandwidth classes takes into account the range of services offered by network operators.

For the allocation to bandwidths and for the evaluation of some measured values, we have to check which services a provider actually promises to its customers. For reasons of fairness, we also check whether the tested connection types are really marketed in this way.

We check both using the product information sheets prescribed by the Federal Network Agency. Every provider must make these technical descriptions publicly available – they can be found quickly using Google search.

National suppliers

Regional providers


The air becomes thin at the top. This applies to the duel between 1 & 1 and Telekom, which Montabaurer was able to narrowly win for themselves again this year.

And there is much more to the surprising change at the top of the regional providers, where this time EWE was able to outperform the long-standing category leader M-net with only three points.

This year’s results across the board are also encouraging in the rest of the test field. Of course, our test results do not always coincide with the experiences of individual customers of the tested providers. You should be reminded that the focus of the present test is on the entire network infrastructure of an operator and less on the quality and speed of each individual connection line in its range.

But the last aspect is also taken into account by crowdsourcing – the proportion of which we increased from 100 points in the previous year to 140 points this time. If you want to see the quality of your own connection represented even more, you should make it public – at www.breitbandmess.deThe

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