Apple Watch 5: mysterious battery problems

For months now, Apple Watch 5 users have reported battery problems that have so far not been solved by updates. What’s behind it?

The Apple Watch 5 came on the market last September and for months there have been reports of users struggling with battery problems. In the meantime, a whole series of similar sounding descriptions have been collected.

Strange battery indicator and sudden shutdown

in the Apple support forum but also in Macrumors Forum tell users that their Apple Watch 5 stays on charge for several hours, sometimes 100 percent, but other ads also appear. In addition, the Apple Watch suddenly switches off, even if it was only recently charged and had indicated that the battery was full.

The Apple Watch 5 also behaves strangely when it comes to charging. So the battery indicator gets stuck at 99 percent for a long time before the last percent is closed for a full battery charge. In addition, on days when the problems occur, the Apple Watch is remarkably warm after charging. On other days, the watch behaves normally again.

Some users who contacted Apple Support got a replacement, although the replacement devices sometimes had the same problems. Apparently, no errors were found in watches that were sent in for repair. Various software updates have so far brought no improvement.

Possible solutions to battery problems

Some suggested solutions are discussed in the forums. One user said he could at least temporarily solve the problem by deleting some apps from the watch. Others say it helps to turn off the Apple Watch 5 before charging, or turn it off for at least half an hour after it’s been unplugged for a few hours.

An error in the calibration of the battery management is suspected. Switching off and restarting the smartwatch could possibly recalibrate it. This worked for some, but probably not for all users.

There are now reports that the beta of watchOS 7 should fix the problem. In addition, watchOS 7 should provide details on the last charging cycles, battery consumption and battery status, similar to the iPhone. For affected users, it remains to be hoped that the firmware update in the autumn will finally solve the battery problems.

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