Apple should postpone production start because of Corona

When will the new iPhone be released this year? Apple is said to have pushed the production of the iPhone 12 backwards. The reason for this is the ongoing corona pandemic. But does this step also have an impact on the market launch of the iPhone 11 successor?

Apple is starting mass production of the iPhone 12 around a month later than is customary for the new flagship, reports the Wall Street Journal. The Corona crisis, which not least affects Asia, is responsible for this, the “heart of the supply chain for technical products”. Nevertheless, Apple should stick to the release in 2020. No wonder: the iPhone is still the most important motor for the company’s sales.

All models with OLED

The question remains whether the release of the iPhone 12 is delayed. Apple could also release the new top smartphone in October – and would still have launched it in autumn 2020. A release with a limited number of pieces is conceivable. There were rumors of a delay as early as March: at that time there was talk of a start in November. We will probably have to be patient before we get an answer to this question.

According to the source, three new iPhone models will appear in autumn 2020. These are the successors of the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. All three smartphones are to receive screens with OLED technology. The displays should have diagonals of 5.4, 6.1 and 6.7 inches. At least one model should also support the 5G mobile communications standard.

iPhone 12: Small Notch, Large Camera

Many users will also be interested in what the iPhone 12 will look like. According to rumors, Apple has reduced the size of the Notch compared to its predecessor – at least for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The Maxi model should also have a significantly larger camera on the back than the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Both Pro models could also have a so-called “Time of Flight “sensor (ToF).

Perhaps the ongoing Corona crisis has also had an impact on the price of the iPhone 12. According to rumors, the small version with a 5.4-inch display could already be available for the equivalent of 650 to 700 euros. If the price is decisive for you, there is no way around iPhone SE (2020) this year: the compact smartphone with top chipset costs around 480 euros to start with.

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