Apple and Google announce partnership – to fight Corona

Update (April 30, 2020, 5 p.m.): Apple is currently setting the course for the introduction of the tracing tool: The current beta of iOS 13.5 contains an interface that enables corona tracing apps. Via Bluetooth, these applications will be able to track the movements of iPhone users and warn them of potential corona contacts. However, the feature can be deactivated in the settings.

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How can the spread of corona be prevented? This question is not only dealt with by numerous scientists, but also by companies. Apple and Google have now announced a partnership to help contain the corona virus. Now details on how the tracing tool works are known.

An important piece of information in advance: The data that Apple and Google want to collect about Corona via smartphone should not be stored centrally, as TechCrunch reports. They are on the device of the respective user – and he should be able to decide whether they should be released or not. In addition to the two companies, only public health organizations are said to have access. This is done using a special API.

Which smartphones can use the app?

Apple wants to use the tracing tool to distribute the update to as many of its devices as possible. Apparently iOS 13 is the limit – older versions of the operating system cannot use the tracing tool. This would make it available for almost three quarters of all iPhones and iPads. Google wants to roll out the update via the Play Store – for all mobile devices that use Android 6.0 or newer. The updates should be available from mid-May.

According to Google and Apple, no system is “unhackable”. Servers could always have weak points and data could be lost. But decentralizing the corona data made it much more difficult for unauthorized persons to access it.

This is how the tracing tool works

The tracing tool uses the Bluetooth function of your smartphone and transmits a so-called “identifier” to other smartphones in your area. This was anonymized and would also be changed every 15 minutes. Users can now upload information about their corona status and thus inform other people around them. The tool will tell you if you may have been around a sick person.

Apple already released a self-diagnosis app for Corona at the end of March 2020. This allows you to determine whether you are perhaps infected – and which behavioral measures are recommended. But there are also a whole range of Corona apps that you should avoid.

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