Antenne Deutschland and Ströer found marketers for digital audio

At the beginning of October 2020, 16 new national private radio programs will be launched on the German market. On this occasion, Antenne Deutschland and Ströer set up their own national advertising marketer for digital audio.

According to Antenna Germany, there are currently over 260 DAB + programs on air in Germany, but only 13 of them nationwide. The second, for the first time purely private, national DAB + radio offering from Antenne Deutschland will add up to 16 new programs. The digital radio provider Antenne Deutschland will market the offers together with the foreign and online marketer Ströer. To this end, both companies found the marketer The new company will be based in Hamburg. The start will be this year.

Antenne Deutschland GmbH & Co KG is a consortium of Absolut Digital GmbH & Co. KG and Media Broadcast GmbH. The company had been awarded the contract by the state media authorities for the organization and distribution of national radio programs. The ten-year license period for the private national DAB + platform from Antenne Deutschland begins with the platform launch in autumn 2020.

This 3sixty radio from Teufel can also receive DAB +.

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DAB + is the further development of DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) with better sound quality. For a DAB + radio you do not need an internet connection and no data volume. With digital audio broadcasting, radio providers can also transmit additional program-related information such as album covers, weather maps or news. A DAB + -enabled device is required for reception. From the end of 2020, all new vehicles in the EU will be equipped with radio systems for receiving digital radio programs.

“We are very pleased to be able to present the new formats and programs together with Ströer. As early as September, we will be able to present our entire range to advertisers and demonstrate their performance with a range of special advertising formats,” said Joe Pawlas, designated managing director by antenna Germany.

Christopher Kaiser, COO Ströer Media Solutions, adds: “For us, digital audio is a logical extension of our existing marketing offer. The national digital audio market still has considerable expansion potential.”

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