Android: These 15 apps are free or reduced today

Games, weather, music & Co .: Which Android apps are available today for free or reduced? We list the best deals in the Google Play Store.

Developers regularly launch discount and free campaigns in the Google Play Store and offer their Android apps for free or at reduced prices. This way, well-informed bargain hunters can dust off paid apps and games for free or at least cheaper and save a lot of money.

But the Play Store lacks a useful overview of the free deals. Our hand-picked list of currently free apps and games for Android smartphones and tablets helps here. In it, we first collect apps, then games – both free and reduced. The lists themselves are sorted according to the topicality of the deal.

The best app deals handpicked for you

For all apps and games we provide a short description as well as the rating of the community (1-5 stars) and the number of ratings in the Play Store. There is also an award for tips from the editors * Highlight! *

Note: We try to highlight real free offers through our bargain overview – we generally ignore free apps. Nevertheless, the listed apps can partly use in-app purchases or advertising. Corresponding explanations can be found on the app detail pages in the Play Store.

Apps for Android: Current bargains in the Play Store

Free apps

Reduced apps

  • Network Analyzer Pro (0.99 euros instead of 3.99 euros) * Highlight! *
    Versatile network tool with WLAN analysis, port scanner, speed test and more
    Stars: 4.8 | Reviews: 7,900+

Games for Android: Current bargains in the Play Store

Free games

  • Deus Ex GO(Free instead of 6.99 euros) * Highlight! *
    Turn-based logic puzzles for the well-known cyberpunk game
    Stars: 4.0 | Reviews: 11,300+
  • Space Shooter: Alien vs Galaxy Attack (Premium)(Free instead of 0.59 euros)
    Arcade shooter in space
    Stars: 4.0 | Ratings: 12,200+
  • Animal Forest: Fuzzy Seasons (free instead of 3.99 euros)
    Relaxing game in which you collect all kinds of animals in your garden
    Stars: 4.6 | Reviews: 31,600+
  • Lophis Roguelike (free instead of 0.59 euros)
    Roguelike trading card game in the style of Darkest Dungeon
    Stars: 4.1 | Reviews: 8,800+
  • Sudoku Deluxe VIP (free instead of 1.89 euros)
    Sudoku game with different levels of difficulty
    Stars: 4.2 | Reviews: 2,800+
  • Sky Dancer Premium (free instead of 0.89 euros)
    Parcours platforming in unusual scenarios
    Stars: 4.1 | Reviews: 28,100+
  • Stickman Ghost 2: Gun Sword – Shadow Action RPG (free instead of 2.09 euros)
    Sidescroller action RPG with story mode and online PVP
    Stars: 4.1 | Reviews: 20,900+

Reduced games

  • This War of Mine(2.39 euros instead of 11.99 euros) * Highlight! *
    Award-winning game simulates the struggle for civilians to survive in wartime
    Stars: 4.5 | Reviews: 24,900+
  • Rusted Warfare – RTS Strategy(0.69 euros instead of 2.29 euros)
    Real-time strategy with cross-platform multiplayer
    Stars: 4.8 | Reviews: 7,800+
  • The Tiny Bang Story Premium(1.29 euros instead of 3.19 euros)
    Puzzle game with 5 chapters
    Stars: 4.1 | Reviews: 6,400+
  • The House of Da Vinci(2.19 euros instead of 5.49 euros) * Highlight! *
    Puzzle game in the style of “The Room”
    Stars: 4.7 | Reviews: 23,600+
  • Star Wars: KOTOR(5.49 euros instead of 9.99 euros)
    The Star Wars RPG classic “Knights of the Old Republic” implemented for Android
    Stars: 4.3 | Reviews: 45,400+

Note: The developers or publishers decide how long the Android apps and games listed above are free of charge. A corresponding ad in the Play Store is missing. As a result, some of the app deals listed above may have expired. We strive for timeliness.

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